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How Women in STEM Can Use Emotional Intelligence to Succeed

May 20, 2021

It’s no secret that women often struggle to succeed in STEM fields.  Not only are women less likely to enter STEM fields, but once they enter, they face challenges that often wear them down and push them out. In fact, the Center for Talent Innovation found that 52% of highly qualified women working in these...

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Beating Impostor Syndrome: Tips for Mental Health Awareness Month

May 13, 2021

The post-pandemic era will require leaders to be a lot of things, and women are ready to lead with a collaborative and democratic style. When I deliver our Leadership for Women program, I get so excited by the opportunity to watch, listen and learn from amazing women figuring out what they want to be known...

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence With These Three Science-Backed Strategies

April 20, 2021

Emotional intelligence is a suite of “soft” but essential skills that allow us to understand our emotions, empathize with coworkers, and keep cool during stressful situations. But what can you do if your emotional skills are lacking? The good news is that emotional intelligence can be strengthened and developed through self-reflection and coaching. Emotional Intelligence:...

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The Top 10 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

April 12, 2021

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, manage, and apply our emotions in positive ways. Higher emotional intelligence is what allows some people to communicate effectively, empathize with others, avoid conflict, and overcome challenges.  But what does emotional intelligence look like in everyday life? While researching our book Emotional Intelligence: Your Foundation for Success, we...

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Why is Resilience Important for Success?

March 16, 2021

When we think about the skills and training needed to be successful, we tend to think of degree and diploma programs in school, but there’s more to success than that. These days, the traits and characteristics that set successful people apart are “soft skills” like emotional intelligence, communication, the ability to work as part of...

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Four Research-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

March 09, 2021

No matter who we are, there are times when life sends unexpected struggles our way. But learning healthy ways to cope with adversity — aka, building resilience — can help us manage our feelings in the moment, recover from setbacks more quickly, and build healthy habits to overcome future challenges. What is Resilience? Resilience is...

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Being a Resilient Woman in Business: Reflections for International Women’s Day 2021

March 04, 2021

International Women’s Day often brings a time of reflection for me. As a mother of two daughters, I think about the progress that has been made and the work yet to be done.  I hope in some small way that I am doing my part to help inspire my children and other women to go...

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The Best Books on Emotional Intelligence

February 16, 2021

As professional coaches, we get asked about the importance of Emotional Intelligence all the time, and the short answer is: developing your emotional intelligence (EI) is incredibly important. So much has been written on this topic — in fact, a quick Google search will turn up over 180 million results! That’s why we’ve compiled a...

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EQ vs. IQ: What’s the Difference?

February 09, 2021

Wondering what the difference is between “EQ” and “IQ?” You’re not alone! EQ and IQ are terms that are often confused since they sound similar, but are in fact quite different. The “Intelligence quotient” or IQ is a measure of a person’s overall intelligence. The “emotional quotient” or EQ is a measure of an individual’s...

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4 Steps to Finding Resilience From Within

January 19, 2021

Resilience (or resiliency) is our ability to “bounce back” and adapt when situations don’t go as planned.  Resilient people don’t let failures or setbacks get them down; they acknowledge the situation, find opportunities for learning and growth, and move forward with a positive outlook. The Three Elements of Resilience There are three elements that are...

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