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Being a Resilient Woman in Business: Reflections for International Women’s Day 2021

March 04, 2021

International Women’s Day often brings a time of reflection for me. As a mother of two daughters, I think about the progress that has been made and the work yet to be done.  I hope in some small way that I am doing my part to help inspire my children and other women to go...

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The Best Books on Emotional Intelligence

February 16, 2021

As professional coaches, we get asked about the importance of Emotional Intelligence all the time, and the short answer is: developing your emotional intelligence (EI) is incredibly important. So much has been written on this topic — in fact, a quick Google search will turn up over 180 million results! That’s why we’ve compiled a...

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EQ vs. IQ: What’s the Difference?

February 09, 2021

Wondering what the difference is between “EQ” and “IQ?” You’re not alone! EQ and IQ are terms that are often confused since they sound similar, but are in fact quite different. The “Intelligence quotient” or IQ is a measure of a person’s overall intelligence. The “emotional quotient” or EQ is a measure of an individual’s...

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4 Steps to Finding Resilience From Within

January 19, 2021

Resilience (or resiliency) is our ability to “bounce back” and adapt when situations don’t go as planned.  Resilient people don’t let failures or setbacks get them down; they acknowledge the situation, find opportunities for learning and growth, and move forward with a positive outlook. The Three Elements of Resilience There are three elements that are...

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How to Build Resilience in a Crisis: Strategies for Optimism in 2021

January 12, 2021

Your outlook on life impacts your happiness, success, and sense of overall well-being, yet many people never give it much thought.  The year 2020, however, put our perspectives into sharp focus. Volatile industries, shifting job markets, and disruptions to work and day-to-day life have made many of us look in the mirror and ask ourselves:...

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Six Steps to a More Resilient Business in 2021

December 15, 2020

There’s no better example of “system stress” than the COVID-19 crisis. It’s difficult to find any aspect of life — from business, to personal, to health — that hasn’t been transformed by the impact of the virus. As a small business owner, you may be looking to 2021 and wondering: what can I do to...

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The 5 Fundamentals of Resilient Small Business Leadership

December 08, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we live our lives. The pandemic has disrupted millions of lives, upended traditional workplaces, and forced small businesses to be more adaptive than at any time in recent memory. In the face of these challenges, leaders are concerned about how their business will be affected, and what...

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5 Ways Resilience Training Improves Your Mental Health

November 19, 2020

Resilience is a key building block that allows you to bounce back from adversity and navigate times of change without being controlled by fear or anxiety. Resilient people overcome challenges with a sense of renewed purpose and strength, and feel empowered to use their emotional resources to help others work through troubled times, as well....

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Leadership Resilience Strategies to Manage Employee Wellbeing

November 12, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence all of our lives, leaders need to be continually finding new ways to help their teams manage the crisis. As leaders, we have a responsibility to improve the wellbeing of our workforce as we continue to navigate these challenging times.  Supporting employee wellbeing requires an approach that addresses...

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What Are the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Certification?

October 13, 2020

Hayley Hesseln, PhD, CEC and co-founder EI Advantage tells us about how she works with emotional intelligence in academia, the workforce and through coaching.  She has a commerce degree and a doctorate degree and has worked as a university professor since 1996 in the US and Canada. Her passion is developing individuals and helping people...

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