Professional Coaching

Coaching in the Classroom

March 07, 2023

I’ve been at the University of Saskatchewan for 20 years and have taught both graduate and undergraduate classes—some with as few as 10 students, and others with over 300. Regardless of the size or levels, using a coaching approach has been instrumental in creating a rich learning environment to help students excel in academia and...

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The 3 C’s of Resilient Leadership: Challenge, Control, and Commitment

February 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people can flourish and handle stressful situations with ease, while the same situation can cause anxiety, mental, and physical issues in others?The difference between these two types of people is their hardiness and resilience. Research has shown a strong correlation between mental and physical well-being and a person’s ability (or inability) to manage their thoughts and beliefs during stressful periods in their lives.How do we measure hardiness and...

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Shatter the Glass Ceiling by Coaching Women Who Lead

March 06, 2018

In the modern workplace, there’s been an important conversational shift taking place: providing the path for women to find success as best-in-class leaders. Traditionally, when people think of executive-level leaders and organizational CEOs, the image of a powerful man in a suit comes to mind. However, this picture is changing, as gender-related topical issues in...

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How a ‘Coach Approach” to Leadership Helps Employees Succeed

April 19, 2017

The “coach approach” between team leaders and employees is more necessary now than ever before. The traditional commanding or controlling posts previously taken on in the past by leaders are no longer effective in the modern workplace. Rather, ongoing support, training, and freedom of creativity are essential to retaining employees, and being a competitive business....

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Register for Our Emotional Intelligence EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Online Certification

April 07, 2017

The path to “thinking differently” and “leading differently” starts with self-awareness. This 4-part certification course, presented by Executive Coaches and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Master Trainers Janice Gair and Hayley Hesseln, will teach you the skills to earn your EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Certification. Applying the concepts you’ll learn during the certification program will enable you to strengthen...

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What Kind of Coaching is Right For You?

February 11, 2017

How we work, and what our workplaces expect from us, has changed dramatically in the last few years. Once, the mentality was that all we needed to do in order to succeed in our careers was to show up on time, keep our heads down, and work diligently. While these factors are certainly still very...

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How is Your Coach a “Thinking Partner?”

November 29, 2016

How many times have you found that you strike your short-term tasks off your TO-DO list, whereas the more strategic and difficult items stay on that list longer than you would like?  Your executive coach can help. A coach as a “thinking partner” can help to create focus and accountability to ensure you advance those...

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Building Your Coaching Culture

September 23, 2016

“Command and Control or Connect and Collaborate? ”  Command and control approaches are not always effective in today’s multi-generational and intercultural work environments. Connect and collaborate environments are the alternative.  But how does one create this new space? Just as sports coaches help athletes to enhance their game, executive coaches can help staff and leaders...

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