Leadership Coaching

We help you overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours to achieve greater success for you, and for those you lead. We coach on the foundation of emotional intelligence and focus on developing the emotional attributes that enhance four key dimensions of leadership: being authentic, coaching and inciting action in others, providing insight to communicate purpose and vision, and having the ability to innovate.

Need to be a better leader? Get an external perspective.
Want to feel more comfortable with conflict? Explore strategies.
Searching for innovative solutions? Explore new ideas in a safe space.
Struggling to manage your team? Discover what you need to do differently.


When our clients are coached using emotional intelligence as the foundation, they become more self-aware, express themselves with more confidence, and build better relationships with peers, those they lead and external stakeholders. Their leadership grows and their organizations flourish.


“Fit” is important.   For this reason, we have a roster of coaches.   Our coaches are bound by the confidentiality and ethics of the International Coach Federation. Prior to the coaching engagement, you will have a short “meet and greet” call with the coach to ensure the fit is appropriate.   

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Our coaches can accommodate your calendar, your location, and your technology preferences to provide you the flexibility you need with your busy life.


Because our coaches are accredited and bound by code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) they are held to the highest standard in our industry. You can be assured of confidentiality.

Coaching Programs

We’ve benefited from working with some great leaders over the past several years. 

Some were experienced leaders looking to improve their leadership, and new leaders looking to discover and define their personal leadership styles. 

Working with a wide variety of leaders has taught us that combining training and coaching together is the winning combination to best support our clients and help them achieve their goals.  Training provides employees with the knowledge and techniques to develop their skills. Coaching provides that safe and trusted environment to “dig in,” really understand the learning, and apply it in a way that works for you on a personal level.

Our leadership coaching programs include access to six online leadership modules:

  • Intro to Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Learn to Lead with a Coach Approach
  • Innovative Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership
  • How to Avoid Leadership Pitfalls

In the delivery of our work, we will often use assessments to help the client understand their personal operating style or how they approach change.  Each coaching program includes an EQ-i2.0 Leadership assessment and 1:1 confidential debrief.

You set the pace!  We offer 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and one-year long programs.   Alternatively, coaching can be set up for you on retainer basis with monthly payments or purchase a block of sessions.  We want to support you with what you need.

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