Organizational Coaching

We work with organizations to deliver diverse projects using a combination of assessment, coaching, and training delivered in-person or by e-learning.


With a completely tailored coach approach, each client guides their program to generate solutions that meet their specific needs. They get results because the program is completely theirs.


Our clients appreciate the ability to quantifiably know that the coaching we provide is having a positive effect on the organization, not just the individual.


Because EI Advantage has a large number of highly qualified, accredited, and ICF-certified coaches, you can spend time reaping the benefits of empowered people.


Innovation cannot happen without empowered people. EI Advantage has the tools to guide others to explore ways to enhance productivity and find efficiencies: more insight, more clarity, more innovation.

Management Data

Management needs data to make decisions. Our unique reporting structure and tools allow you to act in confidence and predict with accuracy.

Return On Investment

Because time is valuable and limited, you need to know that your investment will pay off. EI Advantage reporting provides that confidence using qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Next Steps

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