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The work you lead us through, as a team has been phenomenal. Each and every person loved that we were able to spend that time together getting to know each other. And some of the team knowledge has come into play in regard to our strategic planning, some of the pivoting we already had to do this week based on some expectation changes from our steering committee. And it’s giving everyone confidence and a true team perspective.

~Myra Grahn, Managing Director, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have to thank you for the many resources and tools you provided, I have to say that day in and day out I find an opportunity to use the valuable learning – truly working on keeping those monkeys off my back!

~HR Labour Relations Specialist, Academia, Saskatchewan

Our client base, is largely indigenous. Working with Janice & Hayley and by adopting a coach approach we appreciate cultural differences, and guide our clients to actions respectful of their own style and approach. Through our measurement and assessment system, our clients report that this new approach has empowered them to seek their goals and often exceed their own expectations.

~K. Velthuys, Former Executive Director, YES Manitoba

As an academic environment, we have found this coaching model and approach to be a good fit, given that it is grounded on the science of emotional intelligence, for which there is a wide array of supporting literature. As well, given the opportunity to examine our personal operating style (emotional intelligence) and how we interact with others has been insightful. The coaching skills framework is simple to implement and we are finding it to be a helpful approach in not only how we communicate with our students, but collaborate with each other.

While we are still in early stages of implementing these new skills, this undertaking has begun to refresh and renew our culture giving our faculty the opportunity to “think differently” and therefore “lead differently.”

~Associate Dean, Academia, Saskatchewan

The Women in STEM program has given me insight into the qualities of a great leader and has provided tools to help me embody them, bit by bit.

Name: Samantha D. Pauls, PhD
Post Doctoral fellow
Company: University of Manitoba

The tools I took away from the Women in STEM program, combined with the excellent 1 on 1 coaching, have helped me build a sense of my own worth and have empowered me to pursue my goals.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to either improve or learn better leadership communication skills.

Sheryl | Boeing Canada Operations Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The material that was covered was truly relevant and the style of the course was very engaging. It was great that we were given the opportunity to break into groups to practice the skills and to get to know the other members better.

It is by far one of the best courses I’ve ever taken, and I am looking forward to the coaching sessions!

Diane Stuart-Edwards
Manager, Client Services

The Change Style Indicator workshop with EI ADVANTAGE has encouraged our staff to be more open-minded towards change. It has been helpful in working with and understanding each other and our different perspectives –whether we are conservers, pragmatists, or originators! The group activities assisted with team building and Janice made all of us feel so comfortable and made it easy to follow. Highly recommended!

Leslie Wilson
HR Manager
Simaril Supported Living (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Thank you very much for trusting me and giving me the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Skills program, as well as the Women’s Leadership Program. It is one of the best experiences I have in my life.  The skills are so important and so applicable in my life, both work and personal life.

Elia Camar
Team Leader, Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation
Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you for all your support and for the Leadership guidance over this past year. There is a lot of positive response to the sessions you provided for us.

Your influence in our organization and your support for us as individuals is very valued.

Eilene Hyde
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Simaril Supported Living, Inc,

Janice, thank you once again for calling me so immediately last week as you did; I appreciated your time and the conversation.

In our Change Style Indicator training session, I took your advice and reiterated one’s style is their “preference” and having knowledge of all styles now gives us agency to make a choice in how we behave in different situations that involve change. I utilized the CSI Norms and as a team we also spoke about where we believed different functions within HR would fall on the continuum.

Thanks again for having taken my 911 email and for your words, they made a difference in my session.

Senior Manager, Organizational Development
Insurance Industry
Alberta, Canada,

My favourite part of this session was the transparency and openness of the group. We were able to share without judgement and had some good laughs along the way. I gained essential tools to help me grow as a leader to leave a lasting impact.

Leadership for Women Participant
February 2024
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Safe space to explore my potential and experiences as a leader with other women. I loved the location at Fort Whyte Alive, allowing to open up one’s mind and soul. The ability to connect with nature and education was beneficial to my growth.

Leadership for Women Participant
February 2024
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Based on our coaching conversations I have now landed a job in Ghana following my passion doing international development work.

~Program Manager, Not for profit industry, Ghana

It has been exciting working with Janice! During our first consultation, I felt she truly heard where I was in my career and that I was searching for more. Janice has provided excellent guidance and tools assisting in defining my values, my professional strengths and improving my resume. It has been encouraging and motivating! 

~Manager, Transportation Industry, Winnipeg

Janice’s coaching helped me to define what I wanted to do in my encore career from the Military experience. It made me realize the large amount of transferable military job skills that I have to offer in the civilian sector. The coaching skills assisted in pinpointing what I was comfortable with doing in my encore career and what areas out in the civilian sector that I should be searching. It also made me realize that there are a great number of places in the civilian sector that my skills could be utilized to a great degree.

~D. Benson, 17 Wing, Winnipeg

Just wanted to let you know that it was because of our coaching conversation last week that I was able to feel comfortable chatting with [my employee] on a new level to advance some performance issues, and casually to boot!

~Program Coordinator, Not for profit Industry, Winnipeg

I am grateful to work with Janice and have received her professional coaching. Janice is gracious, genuine, clear and true to her intentions of helping others reach their professional goals.

~C. Fraitzl, Program Developer & Project Coordinator, British Columbia

EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Certification

The live instructor-led sessions were designed to prepare us for using the tool and being out in the field applying it. The case studies helped to really think through the application in a deeper way.

I would highly recommend training with EI Advantage and the training certification with the EQ-i 2.0 assessment and 360. The training is designed with the adult learner in mind and you come away ready to implement new tools supporting your clients.

Melissa Pylypchuk
MP Coaching & Consulting
Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada

I appreciated the opportunity to take the course virtually. After completing the assessment and receiving my 1:1 confidential debrief I was completely impressed by the information that was shared with me – and the professional manner by which it was communicated.

I was supported to manage my own business and still be able to complete the course within the week.

If you are planning to attend the training, you MUST take it from the EI ADVANTAGE team.

Laurie Fenske, PFP, ECPC, PCC
Fenske Strategic Coaching
Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

I’d heard great things about EI Advantage through my coaching community, and I was more than delighted when I took the EQi- 2.0 certification course myself.

Janice connects so naturally with her virtual participants, expertly engaging around the content and demonstrating a coach-approach throughout.

I am looking forward to the insight and development that the EQi-2.0 can bring my clients.

Lorraine Spiering
Inspier Consulting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The online training with EI Advantage helped me take my consulting and training career to the next level.

Janice truly understands the art and the science behind facilitation, leading our online certification group through incredibly engaging and thought-provoking sessions. I am so glad I chose to do my certification with EI Advantage.

Michael C. Robson
Longstone Consulting
Commonwealth of Dominica, Caribbean

The training was excellent – the instructor/student ratio was low so there was lots of 1:1 interaction and lots of opportunity to ask questions and to explore concepts in more depth. I finished the training confident that I not only understood the instruments but also how to incorporate them into my practice.

When I recommend EI Advantage (and I’ve done that a few times now) I highlight: the fact that you are practicing coaches and that you approach the instruments from that point of view; the high quality of the training that I received; the cost-effectiveness of your delivery model; and the value that my clients have realized from their EQ-i assessments.

James Greengrass, M.Sc, ACC
Fortifico Leadership Support Services
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The training was excellent and encouraged me to apply what I was learning with real-time feedback from the trainer. I was grateful for the opportunity to do pre-work and to learn about the instrument and the process prior to the real-time online training.

I learned a lot and was able to use the assessment shortly following the training. The trainer was sensitive to our different learning preferences and made sure that everyone had plenty of time to ask questions. It was an enjoyable experience and has added another level of value to my offerings as a coach and facilitator.

Jenn Wicks Coaching
Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

I appreciated the examples that the facilitator provided, and the opportunity to think things through on my own and contribute examples into the conversation. I also liked that the group was smallish – allowed for more interactivity.

The training is engaging and efficient, and the facilitator is quite personable in helping bring the learning home.

Kendra Coleman
Kindred Organizational Consulting, Inc.
Chicago, USA

EI Advantage provides thorough coverage of the material, thoughtful and detailed approaches and a great coaching session! The on-line training was very personable which helped to create an open and productive environment for all participants.

Julia Skidan, PCC | Workforce Officer
Economic Development Greater Saint John
New Brunswick, Canada

Thank you, Janice and team, for the wonderful experience of undergoing my certification with you. The small group virtual setting was so conducive to good conversation, learning, and growth. I especially liked how the content was spread out over three days so that it didn’t take too much time out of my workday and I wasn’t overloaded with content all at once. I would definitely recommend working with EI Advantage for your EQ-i2.0 certification!

Andrew Bizarro

I first met Janice during a Certified Leadership Coach training course, and this was also my first introduction to the power of EQ.  After listening to her presentation, I couldn’t stop thinking about the tremendous potential that EQ would hold for me in my work as a Coach, and in Leadership Development. I was hooked, and needed to learn more. I signed up for the EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification course and participated in a virtual training program. The course materials, and facilitator (Hayley Hesslen) were excellent. While there was a lot of content covered in the course, there was opportunity for self reflection and discussion.  I would highly recommend this program to anybody who is interested in unlocking their own, and others’ EQ potential.

Jordan Hamel
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

It was a great learning experience for me. I appreciate the team, especially our trainer (and an accomplished practitioner) Janice for executing the training modules in virtual mode so smoothly. Thanks to technology, the online case studies discussions and reflections in small international group settings were enriching and engaging. I enjoyed the personal debriefing session with Janice. An eye opener!!! The handholding right from the registration to the completion of the certification was commendable. I am happy with the quality of training delivered and would strongly recommend this training to people interested in gaining insights on emotional intelligence competencies.

Chitra Khari, PhD
Dehli, India

I recently attended the EQ-i2.0 Certification offered by EI Advantage. Both Hayley and Janice were extremely organized and helpful in all communications before, during, and after Certification. I enjoyed the program which I found to be informative, well presented, and engaging.  It has helped me deepen my knowledge regarding emotional Intelligence and how best to support my clients in my Coaching Practice.  I highly recommend EI Advantage and the expert team of Hayley and Janice!

Sandi Hokansson, Executive Coach
Toronto, Canada

The self paced modules of EI training, are very well laid out and easy to follow along. Thorough in their content, and succinct in delivery.

This was complemented significantly with the live in person training. Janice & Hayley exude confidence and mastery of their craft. The learning was well structured, evenly paced and a joy to be part of. Learning EQ-i2.0 with EI Advantage was a pleasure and I would highly recommend you check them out!

Karl S. Hanley, BBS ACC
Daru Therapy Centre
Ontario, Canada

I had the pleasure of having Hayley teach and facilitate the EQ-i certification course. She’s a subject matter expert and a coach-par-excellence. Thanks to her guidance, I successfully passed the certification exam without a hitch.

Maria Corrales
Leadership Development Consultant
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Assessment, coaching, and training that has given me an unprecedented level of personal insight. Janice was phenomenal to work with. I would recommend at least an EQ-i 2.0 assessment and an hour of coaching for everyone, in all walks of life.

Adam Sander
Kootenay-Columbia School District No. 20
Trail, British Columbia, Canada

Janice excels as an EQi practitioner and trainer, enriching the certification program with her wealth of knowledge. It was a privilege to learn from her seasoned perspective. The training was thorough yet succinct, making complex material easily understandable. Janice’s expertise with the tool ensured a dynamic learning pace, adeptly balancing classroom instruction with interactive peer exercises. She was readily available to address queries and offer additional resources. The program seamlessly integrated theory with practical application, utilizing breakout sessions to enhance real-world proficiency with the assessment tool. Kudos for such a well-structured and valuable training experience. I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow coaches and practitioners.

Howard Suggs, Leadership Development
US Airforce
Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

Janice was my instructor for the EQ-i 2.0 certification. She did an excellent job and has a great team that supports those that are certified carry out assessments for organizations.

Leora Kirby, Leadership Coach
Get Courageous Coaching
Edmon, Oklahoma, USA

A heartfelt thank you to Janice Gair and Hayley Hesseln at eiAdvantage. Your incredible support, kindness, and expertise made this journey not only educational but genuinely enjoyable. The safe and inclusive environment you fostered was truly appreciated.

For anyone considering this certification program, here are a few pieces of advice based on my experience:
Engage Actively: Participate in discussions and activities. The more you engage, the more you’ll gain from the course.
Leverage the Expertise: Janice and Hayley are incredibly knowledgeable. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek their guidance.
Network with Peers: Connect with your fellow participants. They can offer diverse insights and support.
Embrace the Safe Space: The course provides a psychologically safe environment. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences openly.
Have Fun: Enjoy the journey! The course is designed to be informative and enjoyable.

The most valuable skills I gained from the EQi2.0 Practitioner course include: Enhanced Emotional Intelligence; Effective Communication; Conflict Resolution; Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation; Empathy and Social Skills; Stress Management; Inclusivity and Psychological Safety.

These skills are not only valuable for enhancing workplace dynamics but also for fostering better relationships and well-being in all areas of life.

Joy McLaughlin, Senior Manager, Personnel Support Programs
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada