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How to Increase Employee Retention With Emotional Intelligence

March 14, 2023

Employee retention is an essential factor to consider when running a successful business.  One report suggests that a turnover rate of close to 19% can be expected in many industries. Since finding and keeping talented employees can be challenging, understanding how best to retain them should be a priority of any employer.    Over the next...

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Coaching in the Classroom

March 07, 2023

I’ve been at the University of Saskatchewan for 20 years and have taught both graduate and undergraduate classes—some with as few as 10 students, and others with over 300. Regardless of the size or levels, using a coaching approach has been instrumental in creating a rich learning environment to help students excel in academia and...

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10+ Famous Resilient Women You Need to Know About

February 28, 2023

International Women’s Day 2023 will be a powerful reminder of the progress that has been made and the work still to be done for gender equality.  It’s a day to celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements worldwide. It is also a call to action for accelerating gender parity, from the workplace to the...

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4 Ways Emotional Intelligence Makes You More Successful

February 14, 2023

When we think about what makes someone “successful” we often think about qualities like determination and drive – we tend to forget about the human aspect of success: emotional intelligence. However, if you want to thrive in any kind of leadership role then developing your “soft skills” is one of the most important endeavors you...

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The 7 Best Books for Women Leaders to Read in 2023

February 07, 2023

It’s an understatement to say that work culture is changing given that more companies offer flexible or fully remote options, better parental leave, and invest in employee wellness initiatives. While this is true for everyone, today we focus on books aimed at women, although they’re a great read for everyone! Work looks different today as...

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5 Tips for Managing Change at Work

January 23, 2023

Change at work can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. From management restructuring, to new policies being implemented, to changes in employee roles and responsibilities, guiding workplace teams through these times can be challenging to say the least. If you’ve found that managing change has become a big part of your workday, you’re not alone....

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The Value of E-Learning

January 16, 2023

When I began university in the mid-80s, there was no such thing as the “World Wide Web,” let alone personal computers to facilitate learning.  There were no Learning Management Systems that housed a rich collection of accessible, up-to-date learning materials.  Instead, most professors wrote on the board using chalk while students took notes. You had...

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10 Stoic Quotes to Build Resilience

January 09, 2023

We all go through stressful and overwhelming times in our lives.  Sometimes, even our day-to-day interactions, commitments, and responsibilities can feel like they’re too much to handle. These mental ups and downs have always been part of the human experience, which is why the writings of Stoic philosophers still ring true to this day. What...

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Workplace Wellness: 10 Tips for A Healthier, Happier Workplace in 2023

December 13, 2022

The new year is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to start focusing on how you can support the health and happiness of your employees in 2023. Employee wellness goes beyond just “doing right” by the people who work for you — a study from Oxford found that happy, engaged employees are 13%...

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The Top 5 Change Management Trends for 2023

December 05, 2022

Over the past few years business leaders have had to learn to adapt to new changes and information faster than ever before.  This shift to expecting the unexpected has highlighted the need for change management practices to be embraced and adopted from the CEO down to the customer service representative (CSR). That being said, knowing...

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