We Are Resilient

March 24, 2020

As I observe our global community come together during the COVID-19 outbreak, I am taking the opportunity to learn about resilience from those who are leading us through this crisis. Our senior political and health care professionals are setting strategy, deploying it and re-shaping it as reality shifts and new information becomes available. I’m thinking of our quiet leaders, those on the front-line who are stepping forward to care for our collective well-being. Quite frankly, if any of these...

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Why The Top Leadership Skill in 2020 is Resilience

January 02, 2020

Even for the most seasoned leader, 2020 is a year that is sure to come with challenges. From managing year-end stress, to dealing with employee conflict, how leaders react to the challenges they face is one of the biggest indicators of future success.It’s not enough to simply survive - leaders need to thrive in order to achieve their potential, and that requires an understanding of emotions, how you react to change, and developing your resilience.Why is resilience so essential in today’s...

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