Company Culture

How to Include Emotional Intelligence in Your Onboarding

April 09, 2019

As business leaders continue to rethink and update hiring and retention strategies for the modern workplace, one resounding aspect keeps resurfacing again and again: the need for positive emotional connections in the workplace.This shift we see in talent acquisition and HR strategies - namely, away from methodical to emotional techniques - becomes apparent when we consider the language we use to describe some of the hottest concepts and ideas in this industry: candidate experience, employee...

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Coaching Your Organization’s Future Leaders to Success

November 15, 2018

If you’re like many Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers currently in the workforce, there’s a high likelihood that when your started your career you didn’t receive any formal leadership development as part of your job training.This is because the concept of taking a “coach approach” to leadership development is relatively new. This is why most mid-level individuals needed to actively seek out mentors and coaching programs on their own, and why many people who might have turned out to be talented and...

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The Surprising Steps to More Effective Succession Planning

November 09, 2018

When was the last time your leadership team had a discussion about succession planning?For many organizations, the idea of succession planning is easy to sell: after all, the idea of planning ahead and ensuring that there is a clearly-defined plan in place for when senior leadership retires or leaves the organization should be a priority for any business.However, just because an idea is easy to sell doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement, especially because senior leaders have many competing...

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6 Ways to Build a High-Trust Workplace Culture

July 16, 2018

If you could pinpoint one area that may be hindering your organization from meeting its growth goals, what would you identify? If you’re like 50% of CEOs polled by PWC’s 2016 Global CEO Survey, your response would be: a lack of trust in the workplace. A “low trust” workplace culture is a place where employees feel...

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Shatter the Glass Ceiling by Coaching Women Who Lead

March 06, 2018

In the modern workplace, there’s been an important conversational shift taking place: providing the path for women to find success as best-in-class leaders. Traditionally, when people think of executive-level leaders and organizational CEOs, the image of a powerful man in a suit comes to mind. However, this picture is changing, as gender-related topical issues in...

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3 Interview Questions to Assess Emotional Intelligence

August 23, 2017

One of the biggest indicators of success in the workplace is the ability to build lasting relationships, empathize with others, and manage emotions in healthy and constructive ways. This is especially true for employees who are in customer or client-relations roles, where traits like well-developed Emotional Intelligence can mean the difference between productive and long-lasting...

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Applying Emotional Intelligence to Hiring and Retention

May 29, 2017

EQ training, also known as emotional quotient training, is geared towards the advancement of a person’s ability to perceive, control, and evaluate their emotions. As a staff recruiter, having high emotional intelligence can help you hire and keep staff members who will best work within your office culture. Getting the right people together is powerful:...

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Building Your Coaching Culture

September 23, 2016

“Command and Control or Connect and Collaborate? ”  Command and control approaches are not always effective in today’s multi-generational and intercultural work environments. Connect and collaborate environments are the alternative.  But how does one create this new space? Just as sports coaches help athletes to enhance their game, executive coaches can help staff and leaders...

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Creating a Coaching Culture

July 15, 2016

… the term ‘coaching culture’ is being defined as an important transformation that organizations, groups and communities need to make in order to manage change successfully in today’s world.. By Janice Gair, ACC,CEC,CHRP The goal of our training and coaching program at COACHING iNSIGHTS is to create a Coaching Culture for companies, SMEs and nonprofit organizations. We will...

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