Managing Teams

HR’s Guide to Building Strong, Resilient Teams

August 07, 2023

As an HR professional, you know it’s your responsibility to make sure your teams are equipped to handle any challenges that come their way.  How can you do it? By helping employees build their resilience!  In this post, we’ll explore five ways to build strong, resilient workplace teams. Let’s explore: 1. Foster open communication One...

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The 3 C’s of Resilient Leadership: Challenge, Control, and Commitment

February 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people can flourish and handle stressful situations with ease, while the same situation can cause anxiety, mental, and physical issues in others?The difference between these two types of people is their hardiness and resilience. Research has shown a strong correlation between mental and physical well-being and a person’s ability (or inability) to manage their thoughts and beliefs during stressful periods in their lives.How do we measure hardiness and...

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4 Things You Should Do Immediately After an Argument at Work

July 08, 2019

Do you know what to do after you have an argument with a colleague at work?Generally, we try to be our best selves in the office. We endeavor to minimize conflict and interpersonal tension, avoid arguments and bite our tongues even when we disagree with what’s being said.Being able to manage our emotions in the workplace shows our co-workers that we can control how we act in challenging situations and that we’ve developed our Emotional Intelligence (EI) enough that we can listen and make...

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Applying Emotional Intelligence to Create Emotionally Supportive Workplaces

September 13, 2018

Our workplaces are more demanding than ever before. With executive burnout and derailment at an all-time high, it’s clear that our work is starting to take a serious toll on both our workplace and personal well-being. This trend is so pervasive that Harvard Business Review calculated that burnout is costing workplaces approximately $190 billion a...

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Using EI to Empower Your Employees and Increase Output

August 24, 2018

Every year, companies across North America lose between $450 billion and $550 billion due to low productivity that results from a lack of employee engagement (source: Gallup) These losses often continue year after year, despite efforts from management to develop programs designed to make staff happier and more satisfied. While many of the tactics that...

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Scientifically-Proven Ways to Build and Manage Great Teams

August 13, 2018

Nobody can build something great by themselves, which is why savvy business owners and HR experts know that building and managing a great team is critical to ongoing success. However, building a team that is passionate, dedicated, and motivated towards achieving shared goals isn’t as easy as it sounds – which is why so many...

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6 Ways to Build a High-Trust Workplace Culture

July 16, 2018

If you could pinpoint one area that may be hindering your organization from meeting its growth goals, what would you identify? If you’re like 50% of CEOs polled by PWC’s 2016 Global CEO Survey, your response would be: a lack of trust in the workplace. A “low trust” workplace culture is a place where employees feel...

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The Key to Successful Organizational Change? Emotional Intelligence

June 07, 2018

How we work is evolving, and workplaces are continuously driven to adapt to arising needs and the changing expectations of today’s modern workforce. As identified by Forbes, in recent years businesses have been focused on areas such as: creating a positive experience for candidates and job seekers; updating overtime and compensation rules; addressing the skill and...

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6 Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance

May 15, 2018

Team performance is a key factor in overall organizational success. But for many leaders, cultivating a high-performing and effective team can be quite a daunting task. How can you get people with varying attitudes, professional habits, and personalities to work cohesively as an efficient unit? Emotional Intelligence, also known as EI, of yourself and each...

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How to Use Your EQ to Become a Better Team Leader

May 07, 2018

As business leaders and managers, we often put pressure on ourselves to be consistently driven, inspiring, and balanced. However, leading a team is a difficult job at times, with countless obstacles to overcome daily, which requires the ability to have top-notch interpersonal skills at any given moment. Emotional Intelligence (or EI) can help exhausted or...

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