What’s Missing in Higher Education Part II: Building Skills Through Engaged Learning

July 02, 2019

Today, EI ADVANTAGE co-founder Hayley Hesseln, PhD, B.Comm, CEC shares how her experiences in academia and as an Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan have influenced her understanding of the importance of “soft skills” like Emotional Intelligence, and what higher learning institutions can do to prepare the next generational workforce for success:Teaching and… Learning?I started teaching at the University of Montana in 1996 – it was my first academic job, and I was terrified. I...

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The Benefits of EQ for Teenagers

August 25, 2017

We often discuss the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) as it relates to the modern workplace; how businesses are changing and shifting priority away from individuals who are driven but can’t work well with others, to adaptive, responsive, and inclusive workplaces that foster greater levels of success. One of the best times to begin teaching...

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The Benefits of Coaching in Academia

September 13, 2016

Our vision is to create coaching cultures within the education and business sectors and build a bridge across these two domains. By fostering an environment of engagement and collaboration initially in the classroom, students develop essential coaching skills. As young people take their place as professionals in society, essential skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking...

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Coaching in the Classroom

August 13, 2016

To contribute further to the field of education, we have created this program focused on building awareness of the field of emotional intelligence and your personal operating style, and providing training on coaching skills and a methodology to foster improved engagement in academia. Using a coach approach in the classroom requires that the lecturer (teachers...

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