Why Q1 2020 is the Perfect Time to Start Hiring for Emotional intelligence

December 13, 2019

What’s your plan for growth in 2020?If you’re planning to expand your workplace team and hire capable and adaptable employees, then 2020 is the year to start hiring with emotional intelligence in mind.If you’ve never included emotional intelligence in how you assess a candidate’s potential, then don’t miss why Q1 2020 is the time to start hiring with these essentials skills in mind. Emotional Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial RevolutionUntil recently, emotions were largely taboo at work,...

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Hire Tomorrow’s Change Management Leaders, Today

April 22, 2019

No matter which industry your business serves, change is inevitable. From the launch of a new product, new competition, and even the introduction of new roles and team members, shifts in the business often means a change in the strategy that guides everyday decision-making within the organization.By hiring candidates who demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence you can make sure that your new hires can manage change with grace and adapt to changing circumstances while staying positive...

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How to Include Emotional Intelligence in Your Onboarding

April 09, 2019

As business leaders continue to rethink and update hiring and retention strategies for the modern workplace, one resounding aspect keeps resurfacing again and again: the need for positive emotional connections in the workplace.This shift we see in talent acquisition and HR strategies - namely, away from methodical to emotional techniques - becomes apparent when we consider the language we use to describe some of the hottest concepts and ideas in this industry: candidate experience, employee...

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The Long-Term ROI of Hiring Candidates with High EI

October 18, 2018

One of the most common misconceptions about measuring EI is that it’s like taking a personality test. In fact, emotional intelligence is more about how individuals use and manage their emotions, and unlike a personality test, individuals can enhance emotional skills, whereas they are not likely to change their personality. Furthermore, assessments such as the MHS EQi-2.0 are statistically reliable and can be validated to help make effective hiring decisions.By hiring with emotional intelligence...

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3 Interview Questions to Assess Emotional Intelligence

August 23, 2017

One of the biggest indicators of success in the workplace is the ability to build lasting relationships, empathize with others, and manage emotions in healthy and constructive ways. This is especially true for employees who are in customer or client-relations roles, where traits like well-developed Emotional Intelligence can mean the difference between productive and long-lasting...

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Applying Emotional Intelligence to Hiring and Retention

May 29, 2017

EQ training, also known as emotional quotient training, is geared towards the advancement of a person’s ability to perceive, control, and evaluate their emotions. As a staff recruiter, having high emotional intelligence can help you hire and keep staff members who will best work within your office culture. Getting the right people together is powerful:...

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Using Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

February 21, 2017

As our workplaces continue to evolve it’s essential that how we think about work. Not just our own work, but how we engage with others in the workplace, and how to make sure that our workplaces act as supportive, cohesive units which can deliver exceptional results with minimal personal or professional conflicts. One of the...

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