How eLearning and Online Training Helps with HR and Hiring

May 02, 2023

One of the benefits of recent advances in technology is that eLearning and online training have become increasingly available to professionals everywhere.  EI Advantage is quickly becoming positioned as a leader for eLearning programs based on the foundation of emotional intelligence.

As a result, HR professionals and recruiters can access the benefits of eLearning and online training to enhance their HR practices and make their hiring process more efficient. 

If you work in Human Resources or recruiting and want to know how eLearning and online training help with HR and hiring, keep reading!

Benefits of eLearning and online training for HR

It’s Cost-effective

One of the biggest benefits of eLearning and online training for HR is cost-effectiveness. 

Traditional classroom training can be expensive due to the cost of materials, facilities, and instructors. But eLearning and online training eliminate some of these costs, and greatly reduce others, making training more affordable and cost-effective.

It Saves Time

Another advantage of eLearning and online training is that it is efficient. 

Instead of spending time developing your training, you can access pre-developed programs or work with a partner to develop custom or existing learning modules without needing physical resources like booklets, pamphlets, and printouts.

It’s Scalable

E-learning and online training also allow HR leaders and recruiters to scale their training programs quickly. 

With traditional delivery, training large groups of employees can be challenging. However, with eLearning and online training, you can create training programs that can be accessed by multiple employees, regardless of their location.

It’s Flexible

E-learning and online training also offer flexibility, which is essential for busy employees. 

Employees can conveniently access training materials and complete courses to fit training into their workday more easily.

It’s Consistent

E-learning and online training also provide consistency in training materials. With traditional training, different instructors may deliver training materials differently, leading to employee confusion. 

However, with eLearning and online training, employees receive the same training materials and information, ensuring consistency across the board.

How eLearning and Online Training Help with Hiring

Assessing Candidates

E-learning and online training can help to streamline the assessment of potential candidates. For example, candidates can use eLearning software to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular subject, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge for the job. 

This assessment can be done before the candidate is invited for an interview, saving time and resources.

Providing Training

Creating online courses that cover essential topics like company policies and procedures allows new employees to complete the training at their own pace.

Integrating e-Learning into processes ensure that new employees receive consistent training and are up-to-date on the latest company news, updates, and any additional training that might be available to help them enhance their learning.

Continuing Education

Creating online courses covering industry-specific topics ensures that employees stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. This can enhance job performance and increase job satisfaction.

Remote Onboarding

Traditional onboarding processes can be challenging with many employees working remotely. But eLearning and online training provides opportunities to create programs covering all the essential topics and ensuring that new employees feel welcome and included, regardless of their location.

Tracking Progress

Many eLearning platforms provide analytics and reporting features that allow HR managers to see which employees have completed training and how well they have performed.

This information can identify areas where employees may need additional training, and provide benchmark information to help trainers assess the effectiveness of programs.

E-learning and online training offer numerous benefits to HR professionals and recruiters, from cost-effectiveness and scalability to flexibility. Get in touch and find out about how we can help you integrate these eLearning programs into your organization today!