6 Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance

May 15, 2018

Team performance is a key factor in overall organizational success. But for many leaders, cultivating a high-performing and effective team can be quite a daunting task. How can you get people with varying attitudes, professional habits, and personalities to work cohesively as an efficient unit? Emotional Intelligence, also known as EI, of yourself and each...

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Leadership Development: The Unexpected Key to Succession Planning Success

April 12, 2018

As your business grows and your company culture inevitably shifts with the times, it’s vital that current leadership consider the type of leadership necessary to keep the business thriving in the future. According to the HR Council, succession planning is the acknowledgement that current staff “will not be with an organization indefinitely” through the cultivation of...

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Creating a Coaching Culture

July 15, 2016

… the term ‘coaching culture’ is being defined as an important transformation that organizations, groups and communities need to make in order to manage change successfully in today’s world.. By Janice Gair, ACC,CEC,CHRP The goal of our training and coaching program at COACHING iNSIGHTS is to create a Coaching Culture for companies, SMEs and nonprofit organizations. We will...

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