What Kind of Coaching is Right For You?

February 11, 2017

How we work, and what our workplaces expect from us, has changed dramatically in the last few years. Once, the mentality was that all we needed to do in order to succeed in our careers was to show up on time, keep our heads down, and work diligently. While these factors are certainly still very important, the modern workplace requires significantly more critical thinking and dedication in order to achieve professional success.

More and more often, employees from entry-level positions to executive level leadership roles are turning to professional coaching as a way to boost their self-esteem and become a better employee, manager, and leader in their industry.

Because coaching is a highly personal endeavour it’s important to understand the different types of coaching that are available, and how each style may be benefit you, your employees, and your organization.


The International Coaching Federation states that there are many different kinds of coaching, but our programs can be shaped to fit into one of the following categories in order to meet your organizational needs.

Which of the following kinds of coaching appeals to you?


This style of coaching focuses on changing individual behaviour, reducing performance gaps, and helping you build new skills and improve your existing ones.

This type of coaching is best for people looking to succeed in their current role, and often focuses on aligning leaders with their peers, teams, and key stakeholders in order to improve performance.


Whereas performance focused coaching is designed to help you excel in your current role, development focused coaching is intended to equip you with the skills to succeed beyond your current role, and in potential future roles.

This style focuses on building on your existing strengths and prepares you to handle new experiences, and is often included during succession planning within an organization.


Career coaching works best with individuals who need help achieving milestones based on their current knowledge of their own passions, competencies, interests and preferences. This style focuses on helping employees identify challenges and opportunities which will help them move horizontally or laterally within their organization.

If your organization has a high employee turnover rate, then this type of coaching can be immensely useful is helping employees find work which appeals to them.


Ensuring that employees are fully prepared to transition into a new internal role, such as a new function within the organization, is best achieved through transition coaching.

This process involves supporting transitioning employees and helping them define what “success” will look like during their first few months in their new role.


If your organization has hired someone from a different industry who needs help getting up to speed in order to ensure professional success, then on-boarding coaching is the best choice for your business.

On-boarding coaching helps new employees understand the structure of your organization while identifying key stakeholders and peer networks in order to ensure that they are successful in their new role.

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