Applying Emotional Intelligence to Hiring and Retention

May 29, 2017

EQ training, also known as emotional quotient training, is geared towards the advancement of a person’s ability to perceive, control, and evaluate their emotions.

As a staff recruiter, having high emotional intelligence can help you hire and keep staff members who will best work within your office culture. Getting the right people together is powerful: just imagine a team that genuinely loves what they do!

You’d be able to rest assured knowing that your people were passionate and productive, and that your staff members were best suited to their positions.

Using EQ training to hire the right employees

Whether you realize it or not, the entire interview process is built around subconsciously measuring a candidate’s emotional intelligence. Interviewers watch applicant’s mannerisms, question their responses, and take note of their body language and overall demeanor. EQ training and assessment will enable you to evaluate potential employee’s emotional skills that are essential to a particular work environment.

Using emotional intelligence will help you efficiently and effectively find the right people, starting from the beginning of the hiring process.

Determine the emotional needs of applicants

Before conducting any interviews, ensure that you’ve formulated a description that nails down exactly which emotional skills are important to the position and the workplace.

Practicing empathy, or putting yourself in another’s position in this process will go miles to make sure that the qualities you choose best match the emotional skills that you’re seeking in a new hire. Instead of focusing on core tasks and qualifications necessary, record which emotional qualifications are necessary for the position. These could include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Able to work well in a group or team setting
  • Self-motivated
  • The ability to handle stress well

By determining the emotional needs for a position, you’ll be able to identify potential hires that are qualified for the position, and who will also be able to handle the various obstacles and emotional stressors that a job entails.

Retaining your staff through EQ training knowledge

You probably already have a wonderful, fully developed team of amazing employees. But retaining these individuals could prove to be harder than just providing them with a secure job. People want to know that they’re being heard within their workplace, and that their hard work is not going unnoticed.

As a team manager or HR professional, recognize your staff for outstanding results, but don’t forget to acknowledge their everyday successes.

Staff retention also means placing employees in a position where they genuinely love what they do. If you notice that one of your staff members is struggling, it might be time to use your emotional intelligence skills to find, or even create, a position that better highlights their emotional needs and strengths.

Your own EQ training can go a long way in adding value and ease to your hiring process and the retention of employees who give their all to your organization. Once you realize the connection between emotional intelligence and a functional workplace, you’ll have the ability to conduct better, and more successful, business.

The team at COACHING iNSIGHTS™ offers in-depth EQ training for teams who want to develop a culture of trust. For more information on how EQ training can enhance your workplace, contact us today!