Staying Resilient in The Third Wave

June 04, 2021

No lie – this lockdown is a tough one. Not sure if it is “lockdown fatigue,” or I’ve cleaned every closet and drawer (twice, now) but I’ve been feeling “done” with the whole isolation thing. 

Of course, I recognize this is my own pity party. I am grateful for my home and the special time with my family. I will be forever indebted to the medical and scientific professionals that have led us through this madness with brilliance, skill, and steadfast commitment.  

And, inherently, I know…. this will end.

So, this has led me to develop and action my Resilience Strategy 3.0 inspired by folks at The Art of Improvement. The plan centers around habits, routines and systems. 

I’ve chosen Sunday as my day, but quite frankly, you can choose any day that works for you.  

Five Step Plan

1. Set Goals

On Sunday, I sit down and establish my goals for the week ahead. I revisit my monthly goals and think about my annual goals, which, no surprise, include a winter breakout vacation in 2022. For my weekly goals ahead, I make this as precise and specific as possible, often adding them to my calendar to deepen my commitment. 

2. Plan the Upcoming Week

I work hard to bring clarity and structure to my calendar and To-Do list. I remove any ambiguity and focus.  

3. Review the previous week

I dedicate approximately 30 minutes to reflect and revisit last week. What went well? What did not go well? Reflecting on my progress ensures I take a few minutes to celebrate what is important to me, and helps me gain momentum. I also push myself to “let go” of something that may be consuming my energy that is no longer serving me.  

4. Journalling

I’ve never been big at journaling, but I do take time to bullet point items of importance. We should always have lots of wishes in life. But the main difference between wishes and goals are effort, time and priority. 

Writing it down makes it an achievable goal and helps me gain mental clarity on tackling it.  

5. Reading

Many have walked the path before us. And, dedicating time to reading shortens the process for us to reach our goals.  

By adopting a learner mindset, and finding 30 minutes to read something new each Sunday often answers questions I have or helps me refine my action plan. 

Resilience won’t make problems go away—but resilience can give people the ability to see past them, find enjoyment in life, and to better handle stress.

 If you are interested in more of our Resilience or Optimism strategies check out our self-paced e-learning modules, with downloadable exercises and journaling pages. It may give you the structure you need to shake out some new habits, routines and systems.