How EQ Training Benefits Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

May 23, 2017

In the business world, leaders and managers are just beginning to realize the importance of EQ training, or emotional quotient training, as a vital part of their small or medium-sized enterprises (SME).

A key area of running a successful SME is the awareness of how emotions directly affect both customer and employee satisfaction. It has been shown that teams with high emotional intelligence perform better overall, but finding employees with a naturally high EQ should not be left to chance.

As an SME, providing EQ training for your management and employees can benefit your organization in a variety of ways, including:

EQ training nurtures workplace relationships

When individuals in a workplace are emotionally intelligent, everyday business and relationships can quickly become increasingly more positive. Staff who have access to a pleasant working environment can build stronger bonds and trust among coworkers, developing a solid foundation of professionalism.

When your team can effectively manage their emotions, written and personal interactions are conducted better, without being misread or misconstrued.

Good EQ training can lead to the reduction of office politics, and allows your team to communicate effectively and efficiently.

You’ll experience enhanced empathy throughout your SME

Because employees can effectively gauge their own emotions after EQ training, they can better read the emotions and needs of others.

Empathy allows people to take others’ emotions into consideration when problem-solving, resulting in fewer conflicts: an outcome that is vital to developing positive relationships and effective problem solving among coworkers and customers.

Your client interactions will become more positive

Tough customers can sometimes cause even the best of employees to make irrational decisions out of frustration. Proper training and a positive mindset allow individuals to cultivate a plan and to strengthen emotional skills that lead to mutually beneficial solutions for both parties, rather than escalating emotions and giving into anger.

This training enables you to provide better customer service because your employees are fitted with the skills that enable them to better listen and communicate with your customers.

You’ll retain your staff over time

Employees who are happy in their position and workplace are more likely to stay. Staff stability is increased when SMEs invest in proper EQ training. When a person is satisfied with their position in the workplace and treated fairly and with respect, they will naturally and willingly invest more of themselves into their work.

Balanced individuals want to be directly and actively engaged in the ongoings of their life, including their work. Knowing that they’ll get support and guidance, recognition and praise for projects well done will go a long way in how they complete their assignments.

Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence and EQ training in the workplace can help your SME thrive in areas like customer service and employee satisfaction. Enjoy balance, and a solid, thriving team supporting your SME.

Experience these benefits, and more, by investing in EQ training for your SME. For more information on how EQ training can make your work environment more comfortable and productive, contact us today.