EQi Certification Alumni Interview: Pam Grahame

February 24, 2022

 Pam Grahame tells us about her resilient leadership journey; and the EQ skills that have been her foundation.

She has 25 years in the steel industry achieving top results in sales and as a sales operations leader. After restructuring within her organization, she went to work and entered the world of entrepreneurship offering executive coaching, training, and facilitation services.  Her mantra in life is

Life is 10% of what happens and 90% what you do about it.

What is your definition of a resilient leader?

Resiliency is about recovering quickly and efficiently from difficulties.  A resilient leader can pivot, identify, and process the challenge and move on. 

What EQ quality can help enhance resilient leadership?

Problem solving is a key component to a resilient leader.  This quality allows you to tackle problems head on without being overwhelmed or distracted.  Add to this a high emotional self-awareness enabling the leader to pivot with empathic action.

Which EQ trait do you draw on most naturally?  How has it helped you?

My stress tolerance and problem solving are naturally extremely high.  Courage and resilience have always been my cornerstones.  

How has EQ-i certification enhanced your practice?

Awareness is key to change or acceptance.  If you know your strengths and weakness you then have a starting point and can choose to adjust or accept them.  Discovery is personally immensely powerful – knowing yourself gives you control of You!

 If you could champion an EQ trait for the next generation of leaders, which one would it be?

Empathy.  If you are open and curious as to how others live, believe, and feel you can be your best self and collectively we all win!

We ‘re thankful for our EQ-i2.0 certification alumni, who work tirelessly to enhance resilience in others through emotional intelligence coaching and training.  

We invite you to learn more about Pam Grahame, Principal , Shop Floor Leadership  and how EQ certification has enhanced her ability to make an impact.  Become EQ certified with EI Advantage!