Leading for Performance

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This comprehensive program presents essential information efficiently and effectively, putting everyone on the same page to align your vision, performance, and outcomes.  

Are people not working toward the same goals? Achieve corporate alignment.
Lack of responsibility a problem? Make accountability desirable.
Mentoring falling on deaf ears? Learn to coach for performance.
Struggling to inspire your team? Articulate your vision.

Leading for Performance

This program is delivered to teams within organizations online or in-house.   Performance is enhanced when your team is aligned with the values of your organization, have heightened awareness of self, others and culture, and can foster greater accountability with those they lead.

The program has three modules and takes place over two ½ day virtual sessions.   An optional add-on for executive coaching is available for participants.

Facilitators:  Janice Gair & Hayley Hesseln, Co-founders, EI Advantage

Module 1:  Explore Alignment. Are the mission and values of the company aligned with behaviours and language from the top down?

Module 2: Enhance Awareness. Are you aware of what you want, and of how your actions as a leader affect your abilities; how you are perceived by others; and how you affect the working environment/culture?

Module 3: Drive Accountability. Aligning values by taking and fostering responsibility will lead to you and your team’s greater ability to meet obligations.


  • Two 1/2 day online workshops or 1 day (in-house) workshop
  • Workshop materials
  • EQ-i 2.0 report and 1:1 confidential debrief
  • Certificate of Completion

Recommended Additions

  • Personal Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Hardiness Resilience Gauge
  • Change Style Indicator