Emotional Intelligence

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Our clients appreciate the advantages of using our strategies to enhance their emotional intelligence.

Do your impulses get you in trouble? Respond with control.
Interpersonal relationships strained or difficult? Lead with trust and empathy.
Do you have trouble making decisions? Learn to test reality.
Are you overwhelmed by stress? Build your tolerance.
Are you not as satisfied as you should be? Practice optimism.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Perceive a wider range of emotions;
  • Explain the importance of self-expression;
  • Develop strategies to enhance interpersonal relations;
  • Formulate new approaches to decision making;
  • Improve stress management techniques; and
  • Promote well-being and contentment.


  • One-day workshop (online or onsite)
  • Workshop materials
  • Personal EQ-i 2.0 Report and debrief
  • Emotional Intelligence: Your Guide to Success


  • Personal Executive Coaching
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Hardiness Resilience Gauge
  • EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Certification